Premacinators for the recovery of metallic materials

The RIPPER FRANK premacinators series are two-shafts shredders system with inversable asynchronus rotors and suitable to open light ferrous and non-ferrous shredding packages, as well as to rip coarsely end-of-life vehicles,industrial and electrical scraps.
The variable speed and torque rotors work in asynchronus way, reversing their direction travel when necessary, and interchange their function following programmable and customizable work cycles.
If they are installated before a crushing line with hanner mills, they facilitate loading, by makimg a uniform and homogeneus feed, lower wears and maintenance costs and consequent increase in total hourly capacity.

-Energy saving and lower crushing downstream;
-Safer crushing, lower explosion and fire risks and lower noise;
-Increase in hourly production of the hammer mills;
– lower wear of the mill components and lower times and maintenance stops;
-increse of the crushing lines availability rate.