Single-shaft shredder Model MAC

Hydraulic or mechanically driven, the MAC shredders are successfully used for the treatment and reduction of a wide variety of wastes; assuring a precise final size.

Our slow-speed single-shaft shredders have universal use, are suitable to shred different materials as plastic materials, electrical cables, wood and paper.

Bano Easy line
This line is created for the treatment of electrical cables, for the recovery of metals (iron, copper, aluminum, etc.) and its plastic components.
Thanks to the innovations introduced by our company, we can use the same line model for the separation and the recovery of raw materials from the other electrical and electronic waste including electronic boards (PCBs). This innovative separation line is suitable to satisfy the productive needs for each type, beginning from low inputs; up to 5 Tons/Hour.


  • Mechanical transmission
  • Interchangeable and reversible Blades and counter-blades for a quick and economic substitution
  • Interchangeable blades holders
  • Pusher to increase production
  • Interchangeable screen with different size holes
  • Patented rotors designs, studied to increase performances
Shredder model Lenght rotor (mm) Rotor diameter (mm) Blades (mm) Power (KW) Weight (Ton)
MAC 400 400 250 30 x 30 9,2 1,0
MAC 630 Standard 630 250 30 x 30 15 1,6
MAC 630 Rinforzato 630 250 43 x 43 15 – 30 1,6
MAC 13-25 1300 250 43 x 43 30 3,5
MAC 13-40 1300 400 43 x 43 55 4,8