Shredders for the recovery of scrap metal

Pre-shredder series Rotary Shear B9002 are two-shafts shredders, with interchangeable cutting blades designed to reduce the size of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. Ideal for the processing of medium/light metal scrap like skeleton plates, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap both baled and loose, increasing the density and preparing the material for next process.

The new and exclusive Bano system to fix the blades to the rotors guarantees a reduced downtime for maintenance compared to other rotary shears in the market.

  • Energy saving: lower energy consumption on the downstream shredding line with hammer mill, which implies a substantial operating cost reduction
  • Safer pre-shredding operations, with a lower explosion and fire risk, together with a reduced noise emission
  • Substantial increase in hourly production of the hammer mill/s;
  • Lower wear for the mill components, reduced downtime for maintenance;
  • Increase of the crushing lines availability rate.
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