The powerful pre-shredder you've been waiting for!

Bano Recycling’s STALLION pre-shredder is used to pre-shred packs of bodywork, light scrap and collection, so as to simplify feeding and make the subsequent shredding operation in the shredder uniform.
This eliminates explosions in the grinding chamber and consequently reduces downtime and optimizes the grinding process with savings in time, energy costs and significantly reduces the risk of breakage and wear of the moving parts of the automatic shredder.

  • Significant reduction of the risk of explosion in the shredder caused by gas cylinders, fuel tanks or other dangerous elements.
  • Less downtime and a wider range of input material means optimizing the work of the shredder
  • Maximum production throughput and improved material selection result in less waste
  • No peak load, avoids shredder absorption peaks
  • Less noise pollution.

To learn more about addition benefits of installing a pre-shredder ahead of any size auto shredder request information.

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