The new level of throughput and performance in steel shredding

The Bano PREMAC HYDRO is the first primary shredder appreciated and requested by the non-ferrous scrap and steel industry. It perfectly fits the small and medium production sites satisfying customers with its versatility and low operational costs. BANO expands its range of products introducing the new RIPPER two-shaft crusher to suit the requests of those metal recycling companies looking for higher capacities.
The new RIPPER shredder enters the market becoming a valid and attractive alternative to the existing systems. The Hi-torque slow-speed RIPPER is available with different rotors designs and in stationary or mobile version. The 3 meters interwining shafts are equipped with two-sided transmission and double hydraulic drive.
The new hydraulic RIPPER is particularly suitable for shredding complete car bodies and mixed scrap.
The ideal steel recovery plant combines the two-shaft RIPPER and the new Bano VERTICAL MILL to process a wide variety of materials without compromise between quantity and quality.

The innovative solution to satisfy the new demands of the steel industry

BANO has recently launched its innovative VERTICAL MILL and responds to the increasing demand for innovation in the metal recycling industry. This new Vertical mill is the most appropriate solution to the expressed need for premium quality iron and cooling scrap. This special system increases the ferrous product density and purity along with the complete liberation of valuable non-ferrous metals achieving optimum recovery levels. Densification of the final product up to 3.5 t/m3, complying with the highest quality standards of the steel industry.