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Monday, 20 November 2017


premac 28-70 idroPrimary Single-shaft shredder Model PREMAC IDRO

Single-shaft shredder for ferrous and non ferrous metal scrap

Thanks to the development of the Premac range, Bano Recycling offers advanced solutions for the metal scrap classification and recovery.
Compared to traditional systems, our plant offers the option of working with a screen during the shredding process to set a desired output size; this gives the great advantage to have a secondary raw material in just one step.

premac 28-90 idroPerformaces are greatly increased thanks to the presence of the pusher that keeps a constant and self-regulated rotor feeding. Maintenance is extremely simplified due to the moving floor installed, it is also safer and with very low running costs.

Solidity and high throughput capacity stick together with practicality, versatility and simplicity of maintenance.


  • Hydraulic or mechanical drive system
  • Sliding hopper bottom for safer and quicker maintenance
  • Interchangeable and reversible Blades and counter-blades for a quick and cheaper replacement
  • Safety Clutch on transmission (only mechanical version)
  • Machine structure 100 mm
  • Pusher for increased production
  • Active Protection system for bearings
  • Interchangeable screen with different size holes
  • Patented rotor design, studied to increase performances
  • Anti-vibrating support system


Examples of shreddable materials:

  • Light iron from collection
  • Bales of car bodies
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Aluminium cables
  • Aluminium bales
  • MSW
  • Car bodies
  • Copper scrap
  • WEEE
  • ISW
  • Plastic
  • Balky Waste
  • Cans (post-consumer)
  • Tyres
  • Wood
  • pulper


Technical Data

Shredder modelLenght rotor (mm)Rotor diameter (mm)Blades (mm)Power (KW)Weight (Ton)
Premac 18-70 1800 700 120 x 120 132 - 250 25
Premac 22-70 2200 700 120 x 120 250 - 315 30
Premac 28-70 2800 700 120 x 120 250 - 315 31
Premac 28-90 2800 900 150 x 150 355 45



* All the machines have the possibility to install the Inverter optional or starting devices "Soft Start"
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